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Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2 Books

  • Autor: Aliyah Schick
  • Editor: Sacred Imprints
  • Relaese Date: 13 September 2011
  • ISBN: 0984412530
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 82 pages
  • File Size: 46MB
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Description Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2 de Aliyah Schick:

Adult coloring for relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, spiritual connection, prayer, centering, healing, and coming into your deep, true self. Ages 9 to 109. Step out of the busy world and into calm and peace. Let coloring these drawings take you into a deeply relaxed, meaningful, spiritual meditation. Contemplate a prayer as you color, or gratitude, or an affirmation, a word, an emotion, a request, an offering. Or simply be with the coloring in silent stillness. Allow your heart to open to living with more compassion for others and for yourself. Open your life to deeper connection with the earth and with all of life. Open yourself to recognize the sacred and the natural beauty in all things. The cross is one of our most ancient and enduring sacred symbols, found in nearly every culture throughout human existence. It symbolizes the celestial, spiritual divine coming into being in this material world. It represents God taking form, and the integration of soul into physical life. The drawings of the Crosses Series feature ancient and contemporary images of the cross in reflections of the deep spiritual significance of its form. The Crosses Meditative Coloring Book 2 includes 33 different original drawings, information about the form of the cross, suggestions for how to use this book, a guided meditation, introduction to the artist, and open pages to record your own impressions. Five Volumes of Meditative Coloring Books: Angels, Crosses, Ancient Symbols, Hearts, and Labyrinths. Aliyah Schick has been an artist and writer all of her life. After Peace Corps in the Andes Mountains of South America, she pursued an MFA in studio art, worked in clay then fiber and fabrics, and now she draws, paints, journals prolifically, and writes poems and prose. At the heart of all she does, Aliyah Schick's deepest work is healing. A skilled and dynamic transformation coach and energetic healer, her work in the multidimensional layers and aspects of the human field is powerful and effective. Through her art and writing she offers healing to our bodies, minds, and spirits to help us become more of who we can be and to fulfill more of why we are here in this life. Books by Aliyah Schick: * Mary Magdalene's Words: Two Women's Spiritual Journey, Both Truth and Fiction, Both Ancient and Now * Angels: Meditative Coloring Book 1 * Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2 * Ancient Symbols: Meditative Coloring Book 3 * Hearts: Meditative Coloring Book 4 * Labyrinths: Meditative Coloring Book 5 * Finally, a Book of Poetry by Aliyah Schick Aliyah also explores enlightened entrepreneurship, studies Abraham-Hicks materials, meditates, gardens, facilitates a prayer chain, marvels at ever-expanding paradox, and practices being present in the moment.


Whiteworker Re: Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2

Thank you! This book is amazing!

Burim Re: Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2

This book thank you! it's incredible!

Whiteweaver Re: Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2

This book thank you! it's incredible!

Bundage Re: Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

Schwinn Re: Crosses: Meditative Coloring Book 2

He was totally absorbed in this book at first. thank you