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North Africa Books

  • Autor: Ted
  • Editor:
  • Relaese Date: 09 March 2012
  • ISBN: 1469795639
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 332 pages
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Description North Africa de Ted :

When Emma and Ted loaded their 150 BSA motorcycle on the Italian Trans-Mediterranean ship sailing for Tunisia, North Africa their plan was to spend four months touring and camping through Tunisia. Due to language problems they boarded the ship without the proper papers and/or tickets.Arrival in the port of Tunis presented a cultural shock in addition to the information that camping would be impossible, as the English-speaking Arab agent explained, "We are having a war just now because of the French Ocupation Forces. After establishing their base camp at the Hostel in Bir el Bey ten miles from Tunis a series of adventures over the following four months enfolded. On a journey to the remote island of Djerba in southern Tunisia the small, over-loaded ferry, caught in a sudden squall nearly capsized. During a trip into the northern Sahara, south of the Oasis of Gabes they were caught in a life threatening sandstorm in the Sahara and a Locust Plague in the Gabes Oasis on the return journey north. An Arab named "Habib" added the element of intrigue. He assisted Ted in securing photographs of Bedouin Nomads. His basic motive was to secure the favors of Ted's wife Emma. When he began to resort to life-threatening tactics the assistance of the American Counsulate was required. With the cooperation of the French Occupation Forces Habib was restrained until safe passage could be secured from Tunis to Marsaille, France. Information regarding mcdougal can't be observed or maybe have been taken away for the demand in the author. You could might be considering alternative books through the Ted


Theo Re: North Africa

occur in a book that has never heard, read, and absolutely loving.

Beth Re: North Africa

occur in a book that has never heard, read, and absolutely loving.

Vitullo Re: North Africa

Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

Genna Re: North Africa

I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.