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  • Autor: Elizabeth-Anne Stewart
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 05 August 2015
  • ISBN: 151537839X
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  • Number of page: 146 pages
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Description Preaching de Elizabeth-Anne Stewart:

Preaching and Teaching Laudato Si' is not a synopsis of Pope Francis' Encyclical on the Environment, but a simply written primer for those who wish to preach, teach or reflect on the spiritual implications of a green agenda- it is a resource for those of any faith who wish to respond to the Pope's plea for ecological conversion. Though the book is primarily intended for preachers and teachers, it offers basic principles for anyone who wishes to learn more about sustainable living. Beginning with an introductory section which presents the range of ecological crises currently facing humanity, the book includes an Ecological Examination of Conscience based loosely (and somewhat playfully) on the idea of Negative and Positive "Confessions" from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. This Examination is not all-encompassing, but it does open readers to the possibility that their habits and lifestyle may be harming Creation. The intention here is not to create guilt, but to initiate change, however infinitesimal. There are two chapters which address Preachers, though the content may be useful for others as well. "Preaching to the Choir" asks how one should present the Encyclical to those who are already open to its content. In other words, the assembly has no need of conversion, and so the preacher's task is not to inform but to support. Conversely, "Preaching to the Pew" asks how a preacher should approach those who dismiss the document as a "Papal Mistake." In these two chapters, author Elizabeth-Anne Stewart discusses what is liturgically appropriate as well as what is pastorally sensitive: different approaches to "unpacking" the Encyclical may vary according to the constituents one serves. The two chapters which primarily are geared towards teachers explore ways of reaching Millennials and Generation Z-- the two generations that have inherited the ecological mess mostly created by Baby Boomers and their offspring, Gen X. Here, Stewart draws on more than three decades of incorporating social justice issues in Humanities classes, especially social justice and the environment. This little book is not a scholarly work, but a series of reflections meant for every day people who happen to preach, teach or think! Born in England and raised both in England and on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, Elizabeth-Anne Stewart is a life-long spiritual seeker who guides others through her preaching, teaching, spiritual direction, life coaching and writings. Though she lives in Chicago, Malta has always been her "sacred landscape," the setting for much of her poetry and prose as well as a place of pilgrimage to which she has taken many groups of American students, mostly from DePaul University where she taught and ministered for twenty-eight years. From 1986-2005, her scripture reflections appeared each Sunday in Living Faith, a quarterly publication with a subscription base of over half a million readers. In addition, thousands of others read her reflections in Catholic and Protestant church bulletins from Houston, USA, to Mooi River, South Africa- they were used by homilists, chaplains, and "ordinary people" in such settings as churches, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, university campuses and family living rooms. Since 2005, Stewart has published Sunday BibleTalk, a monthly E-letter based on Sunday's liturgical readings- she offers retreats and workshops across the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stewart earned a PhD in Theology from the University of Malta, as well as a B.A. in English, but holds several other degrees and certificates from British and American institutions. More information about Dr. Stewart's many books and articles can be found at


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ks! This book is amazing!

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