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  • Autor: K3N M3THV3N
  • Editor:
  • Relaese Date: 16 August 2014
  • ISBN: 131243967X
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 177 pages
  • File Size: 24MB
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Description Darknet Corporation de K3N M3THV3N:

Bill Hodge, an ex-New Zealand SAS captain, working for MI6 is drafted in to check into clandestine terrorist activity in Afghanistan. The routine check-up turns into murder, money and drugs and a chase in the Pakistani tribal area. The trail of the mysterious organisation behind the money being paid to the terrorists and funding the drug smuggling is tracked up the Balkan Route into Germany. The use of the Darknet is slowly, piece by piece, unravelled. Following the money, unpicking the intricate laundering operation uncovers more clues. Hodge, returning to MI6 headquarters in London finds himself the target of assassination and a web of deceit he has to think his way through to finally identify and reveal the Darknet Corporation. Information regarding this writer should not be identified or even have been taken out in the ask for in the author. You'll might be enthusiastic about various other books by the K3N M3THV3N. We're in the position to get hold of most of the most iformatsii for you personally. Pertaining to creators of these studies: our website will not extend to open public entry your current guides on the web pages just introductory info on it. If you think that web site is definitely infringing, you should write to you about this so if you are truly the author of the guides, we're going to punctually remove internet pages from our web site.


Monroe Re: Darknet Corporation

Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

Hege Re: Darknet Corporation

I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.

Theodoropoulo Re: Darknet Corporation

I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.

Camps Re: Darknet Corporation

Thank you! I love this book .. I start reading now ...

Junior Re: Darknet Corporation

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read