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The Beast and the Cricket Books

  • Autor: Remley Farr
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 20 September 2014
  • ISBN: 1497485843
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 202 pages
  • File Size: 56MB
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Description The Beast and the Cricket de Remley Farr:

Fourteen-year-old Tyler "Cricket" Bennett is instigating all sorts of mischief on his field trip to Whitevale Island. Hot girls, breaking rules-what's wrong with adding some fun to all this science mumbo jumbo? But then the Smiling Man shows up. Within minutes, people are dead. Now it's a race for survival as the students find themselves trapped in a brutal crossfire between the inhuman Smiling Man and their teachers' mysterious pasts. The worlds beyond the stars have brought their fight to Whitevale Island, and they don't plan on leaving any witnesses alive, especially a bratty group of middle school kids. One misplaced step means Cricket's whole class could meet their demise in the festering Whitevale marshes. The Smiling Man is hunting them, and nobody knows what cosmic monster lurks behind his sickly gaze. Even worse, after an encounter with a dying beast, Cricket starts lapsing in and out of consciousness. And now he, too, isn't quite so human anymore. Remley Farr was born in Blackshear, GA, which is really swampy and full of mosquitoes, alligators, and people who love the second amendment. Fortunately, he survived long enough to graduate from Georgia Southern University in 2010, where he majored in Poverty, or as his diploma insists on calling it, English and Writing. His most recent writing successes include his play, "Mark and George Conquer the Universe," placing first at the Jackie White Memorial Children's Playwriting Competition hosted by the Columbia Entertainment Company in Columbia, MO. This was his first written work to win him some money, so his parents have started loving him again, and they now let him sit at the grown up table during family gatherings instead of keeping him at the foldout kiddy table. His young adult sci-fi series, PARAGON, is a testament to the merging of Farr's childhood and adulthood fictional favorites, which include such titanic runs as Goosebumps, Animorphs, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, LOST, Firefly, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, A Song of Ice and Fire, and maybe an episode of Sailor Moon or two when his guy friends weren't looking. He remembers library shelves strewn with anthologies that sometimes numbered over 50 installments, and maybe-just maybe-he can have a hand in bringing that kind of fiction back to the market. Farr's favorite authors include legends such as Stephen King, Jonathan Swift, R.L. Stine, K.A. Applegate, George R.R. Martin, and that guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Follow Farr and his Paragon series at for updates and other news!


Bernardo Re: The Beast and the Cricket

Thank you! This book ! it's impressive

Rocco Re: The Beast and the Cricket

I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

Agustin Re: The Beast and the Cricket

I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

Philip Re: The Beast and the Cricket

J ''ve waited so long for publication, he's my favorite Book

Merrie Re: The Beast and the Cricket

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read