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Choose Your Days Books

  • Autor: Paula Wallace
  • Editor: Cinco Puntos Press
  • Relaese Date:
  • ISBN: 1941026370
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 32 pages
  • File Size: 47MB
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Description Choose Your Days de Paula Wallace:

Will little Corky so quirky and curious live her life and her dreams to the fullest? When Corky is a baby, Old Bear gives her the keys to her days. As she grows, she lives in wonderment. As her days grow short, she asks Old Bear for a few more days. Old Bear reminds Corky that she holds the key to her days. She must do what needs to be done, and dream what needs to be dreamed. When she is ready, she will not be afraid to open the door to wonder.Paula Wallace lives in Omaha, Nebraska." Paula Wallace is a working artist, maintaining a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to fine art, Paula has worked as an illustrator and muralist, a curator and an arts facilitator. She has been involved in liturgical and public art, interior design and privately commissioned work. Paula also collaborates regularly with other artists, writers and musicians. Much of her work as an artist began years ago and likely, truth be told, at the very beginning -- woven into her DNA and nurtured with crayons and love. She studied formally at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, in addition to a smattering of coursework in Ireland, Chicago, and elsewhere. Her work is held in many private and public collections, both here and abroad.


Demay Re: Choose Your Days

Surprise! In fact, I like it.

Jena Re: Choose Your Days

I'm glad I finally downloaded the epub versions. I am very happy.

Batimon Re: Choose Your Days

I'm glad I finally downloaded the epub versions. I am very happy.

Sease Re: Choose Your Days

I started reading this book and I'm in one of its 123 pages.

Garbacz Re: Choose Your Days

Let me be relevant for a moment: My God, this book is outstanding !!