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Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five Books

  • Autor: Jennifer Gigantino
  • Editor: Hyperink
  • Relaese Date: 21 April 2012
  • ISBN: 1614640939
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  • Number of page: 42 pages
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Description Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five de Jennifer Gigantino:

Quicklets: Learn More. Read Less. While Slaughterhouse-Five may be found in the fiction section of the library, the major events of its plot are based primarily on the true events of World War II as experienced by its author. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was really present and tucked away in a meat locker with a hundred other Allied prisoners and four German guards when the city of Dresden was bombed in early 1945, killing 135,000 citizens. He was captured by German forces during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, while serving as a battalion scout in the 106th Infantry division. The Germans transferred him and hundreds of other Allied POWs to the Czechloslovakian border by boxcar, then to a work camp in Dresden. There, he lived in an old slaughterhouse known as Slaughterhouse-Five. Today, Slaughterhouse-Five is standing and intact, and visitors can take guided tours. Additionally, as stated in Chapter One, many major and minor characters are based on people Vonnegut knew during the real-life war. As the narrator says, one guy I knew really was shot in Dresden for taking a teapot that wasnt his. Another guy I knew really did threaten to have his personal enemies killed by hired gunmen after the war. And so on. Ive changed all the names. Though many critics loved Slaughterhouse-Five upon its publication and beyond -- nominating it for two major science-fiction literary awards and placing it on countless greatest-American-novel lists -- it has been criticized for being obscene due to its violent and sexual content as well as its nihilistic outlook. Despite this, it stayed on the best-seller list for more than half the year of its publication and is still popular amongst students and literary types. BOOK EXCERPT FROM THE KURT VONNEGUT QUICKLET: SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE We meet Billy Pilgrim, the aforementioned unstuck-in-time protagonist of Slaughterhouse-Five. Billy travels through time at random -- for example, he closes his eyes in 1955 and opens them in 1941. We are given a quick-and-dry biographical outline of Billys life: he was born in 1922, went off to serve in World War II one month into optometry school, received an honorable discharge, came home, became an optometrist, got married, had children, survived an airplane crash and soon after began speaking publicly (via radio talk shows and newspaper editorials) about a race of aliens called the Tralfamadorians, who had kidnapped him on the day of his daughters wedding and taken him through a time warp (explaining why he hadnt been missed on Earth). While Billy is writing his second newspaper editorial, Billys daughter Barbara shows up and scolds him for writing the first one, even threatening to put him in the old folks home with his elderly mother. Billy first becomes unstuck in time in 1944, while serving as a chaplains assistant in the United States Army. His duties include acting as the chaplains valet and playing hymns on a waterproof organ. He is given furlough because of his fathers death, and when he comes back the chaplain he was assisting has been killed. He is sent overseas to Luxembourg, where the regiment he joins is being defeated by Germans in the Battle of the Bulge. be continued! Quicklets: Learn More. Read Less.CHAPTER OUTLINE Introduction Background Information Plot Overview Character List Key Terms Information regarding this writer can't be uncovered as well as has been eliminated for the demand of your article author. You'll could possibly be thinking about other books because of the Jennifer Gigantino. We had arrived able to obtain the majority of the most iformatsii in your case. To get creators of these studies: web page will not extend to consumer entry your own ebooks on our web pages merely initial information regarding the novel. If you feel that our site is actually infringing, make sure you email all of us over it and if you're truly the creator of those ebooks, we will quickly eliminate webpages from our internet site.


Darkblade Re: Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

so intense! . One of the best books I have read

Grima Re: Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

A favorite book on the shelf, long time no see!

Plasse Re: Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

A favorite book on the shelf, long time no see!

Molsa Re: Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

occur in a book I've never heard, read, and absolutely love it.

Luvian Re: Quicklet - Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

I do not have enough good things to say about this book. It was fanstastique!