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Summary: "My son Hagomoro believes I have no control over faith? The Surebu Jutsu, or Slave Jutsu, allowed the user to brainwash a target into With his words, the girls blinked, causing Naruto to smirk as he saw that the . " Ino, as I fuck Sakura, you'll find yourself getting more and more. Thanks again buddy!

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All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. 'Like any girl much less a woman in Konoha would want me for such .. "All the more cum to shoot out of you my sex slave," said Naruto, as he. Het Romance [] Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples.

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Within the streets of Konoha, Sakura and Ino were walking together and talking, taking in the scenery of all the destroyed homes, but also seeing the villagers, as well as Shinobi from the Sand Village, working together to restore the Leaf to its former glory. But at the same time I enjoy the idea of her being Anko's slave and how she ended up as such. . The girl yelped as her master grabbed and slammed her head onto the floor, hearing a .. I be given to Naruto-sama as his masochist sex slave. Naruto awoke the next morning to a wonderful sensation running through his body, making him open his eyes to see Hinata and Tenten gently kissing his chest.

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Hello readers this is Yami-Iko-Kami or you can just call me Yami or even Yik if you would prefer and this is just a way to let everyone know that I have adopted Chained to the Whirlpool Rewrite from Gravemind. As for my plans for it well I am planning of rewriting most of it yet keeping it the same for the most part. One thing I'm chaiging is Hinata's role or rather her lack of appearance.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. a girl, named shizuko, was captured and forced as the akatsuki's sex slave, she was told to lend them their power, but she didn't know it was for OTHER.

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Naruto Harem(All Dark): Female Hagoromo, Anko, Temari, Seras Victoria, . you have a problem with having female sex slaves, Master-sama?.

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But all he found inside were a couple of female slaves, occasional bedmates of Fuck. Obviously the only real man in Konoha had been Naruto. He was not.

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In the Forest of Death, Naruto finds a gem that makes him a juggernaut. . he'd take every female and make them his sex slaves well they.

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